unknown vehicle please help!!!!

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I am new to the rc world and have recently aquired several different vehicles and have this one that i have no idea what model it is and havent had any luck by browsing many photos! Can someone please tell me what you think it is and where i might find parts for it? Your help will be greatly appreciated and I'm sure someone on here probably knows the answer. trying to post five pics of it.


tmaxx picco26

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Man that thing look awesome I would deffinitly try to get that thing going if I was you it looks strong good luck

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Ofna Pirate. Really great find bud. Lots of parts still available. Some neat upgrades. My experience with Ofna has been good. As a intro truck, there are many aspects of the hobby you will learn with this beast. Happy RCing!


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Thank ya'll so much for the help i have looked and google pics for two weeks trying to figure out what this was and asked everyone i saw with rcs and noone knew!! Again much thanks!!!!! And I think got an amazing deal i bout three rc 1 nitro revo , this one, and an electric traxxas slash for 125 dollars!!! with a batt. charger three batts, and twelve working electric motors how awesome is that . They all needed a few parts or some tlc but about for around 75 dollars so far they all three are driveable except I'm having some troulbe with the revo and getting in in tune for some reason. put it on hold for a bit so i dont get frustrated with it ;)


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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