Trippy Maxx Shot

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Ok, here is my Maxx after a ride in the Adobe Bus ;)


Its almost 4 dimensional. Like a MC Escher thing.....

I dont know.... Enjoy!
Cool affects...nice truck; although a little too clean...looks like you haven't driven it in a while...must be that clutch/spur problem...:D
Where did you take that pic before it got photoshopped??
Outside on the ground.

That shots a couple months old. There are some changes since then. I have to get some recent pics up.
Hey Christian...when do we get to see that thing in action? I want to see it fly...:D
Ill see if I can get someone to camera for me this weekend. I have a jump I setup all the time. Plus, I just found another construction site yesterday (Darth- Losson & Transit). Should be a blast.

I'm out for vacation so I wont see you all til Saturday night at the earliest.

Have a good one and dont do anything I wouldnt do hehehe...

Hey Chris, I am going to try and make it to the mall this weekend.

I may have to ride by Losson+Transit for a peak at that site. :D
Great...can't wait to hear how things and maybe see how things go for you. Enjoy your vacation.