Traxxas rustler 4x4 vxl

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I’ve got 5 battery cars. 4 Traxxas and a redcat. I’ve not owned any other serious RC vehicle. I truly enjoy them all. They are all very fast. But, EVERYTIME I drive my rustler, I’m convinced if I could only have one, it’d be the rustler. But, I say that about the Maxxv2. The sledge, the volcano pro, and the X maxx when I go a bit without running them.

Seriously, The rustler 4x4 vxl is so quick. But handles so well at speed as long as you mind your manners on the throttle. They are tough as nails too. Because it’s impossible for me to constantly mind my throttle control running this thing. So, I’ve rumbled and tumbled mine more than i should have for sure.

How about rustler owners. Where does this dynamite little RC rank in your list?
My Rustler 4x4 VXL is the first serious car I've had in awhile, I used to race Losi's way back in the day. For me it's fantastic, does so many things and it's really fast and long run times. I upgrade it as things break, but it's largely stock. It's perfect for the bashing I do, but I'm thinking to get something with more ground clearance when the snow arrives here in the NE.
I have the Hoss which is pretty much a Rustler 4x4 with a center diff instead of a slipper, and a few beefier components.

It is a really fun platform.
Would the Hoss Center Diff fit the Rustler then?
Yes, the center diff will fit just fine. Traxxas does sell it as an aftermarket upgrade (#6780A), it fits Hoss, Rustler, Rally* and Slash 4x4 models.

*The Rally also needs a new drive shaft and shaft end.