T-Maxx 3.3 Spur Gear (Stripping Problem)

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Going back to metal spur

I was running a metal spur for a while and it recently chewed up the stock clutch bell. So the guy at the hobby store and on here suggested to use a plastic one and make sure the mesh is right. Well, I did that, but within about 30 minutes of runtime, the plastic spur got chewed all to hell. My mesh was correct with the paper test, and the engine mount was very secure. So I just ordered a hardened clutch bell and will go back to the metal spur.

Correct me if I am wrong though, but I am under the impression that if the slipper is set correctly, that should be the weak point and protect the tranny gears. So if I have a metal bell/metal spur and any driveline binding happens, the slipper should eat it up. Isn't that how it is supposed to work?



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If you are having this problem now you may want to look in to a simple roll bar. This will prevent landing on the motor which keeps you from striping spurs and breaking motor mounts. Usually the rear 2 bolts strip from the mount on a hard landing. I wasted like 5 stock and 4 billet mounts before I bought this http://www.neweramodels.com/item.cgi?session_id=jgddmmyehmldfdyqpddoisvdtiugeqje&part_id=3273. I have not had a single spur gear or motor mount problem since.
The tmaxx 3.3 was also my first nitro, it has evolved in to a beast as it sits. Currently shelfed with a broke main shaft in the tranny. LOL
Get that baby FIXED. TMaxx wants to shred bro


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Look man I dont want to be pushy, but your problem is gear mesh not the material of parts. Either #1 the bolts arent tight enough or are moving, #2 you have stripped the rear bolts on the motor mount, or #3 your getting chassis flex, or #4 your landing upsidedown on the motor and the impact is moving the CB away from the spur gear.

Most of these problem can be solved by a roll bar as I suggested earlier. I havent had to change a spur gear in at least 6-7 months and I was eating them like lunch before.

When you use a steel spur you are just creating a weak spot and that is going to be the CB or the transmission. If you do it right you dont need a steel spur...
This is actually true. Good advice. I bought my roll cage and My T-Maxx the Beast don't ever chew gears up now. Oh, and i run it hard all the time full speed passes, jumps, grass you name it. But yes they really make a huge difference. Your spur gear is the weak point and best weak point as its cheap to fix. If you turn it metal the next weak point like he said is going to be much more expensive. Thats why i will always have my spur gear be my break point. Thats also why i have 5 on hand at all times. But it never chews them now.


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Much appreciated

Thanks to all that replied to this thread. I now have a roll cage installed and all is well. I have installed the aluminum Traxxas motor mount with 4 good mount screws instead of two. As indicated I had stripped the two back ones on my old motor mount. Loctite is the gear in this situation. Set it right from the bottom with the paper in between the spur gears and there will be no issue. Thanks again to all that helped me learn the right way of doing this. Hats off toall in this forum. Leaning is great!!!!!!!!

Just looking to learn
Heck yea man now go SHREDDDDD!!!!

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