Spur gear destroyed

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so I have a savage XL, and for some reason, no matter what I do the spur gear always gets destroyed, it always starts to strip, I kinda looks like it's being ground down. Any help would be great, these are metal gears too.
Check that these motor plate brackets aren't slightly bent.
It's the FLM version. I bought it just for fun when I tried their TVP's. It's fancy but hasn't really improved anything and it supports some of their mods like the throttle servo mod. I like my original stock Savage X .21 TVP setup better but I've changed it so many times I just left it like this.
I've found a few of those things bent before and it was shredding the gear because it was getting too hot. They were plastic though but I run a steel gear now and it hasn't had a problem yet.
Also check all the screws holding that plate in. Not sure if yours has the cross members screwed to the plate or part of it, but if they are screwed to the plate, I use longer screws run through the square part and put locknuts on the bottom along with locktite. Those screws like to get loose. Also the 4 on the TVP's holding the plate in place and the trans case screws as well.

Also check your CB bearings and input shaft bearings on the trans. If they are worn out, they will let the gear/bell move around on you changing your mesh as you drive.