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I'm gonna get a new electric and I'm thinking about a slash, I'm probably going to keep what ever i get pretty close to stock, so any other cars you can suggest that are 12t or so would be helpful as well.(my price range is just a bit over 200)


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Although I don't own one. I heard only good about the slash. If your range is just over $200.00, I would go with the slash.


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Just keep in mind, you'll need to buy batteries and a charger if you don't own them yet. I have a Slash and it is a blast. I have a few buddy's who were in the same shoes as myself as what to buy because all the other trucks are a bit higher in price or really cheap looking. They check out the Slash and they realize it's an awsome truck with a great price.
The Slash is not only a great looking truck but handles well and is a great basher. My 6 and 7 year old have ran it a bit too if that tells ya any thing.
The only down side to the Slash is the dirt that collects on the inside. But heck, that happens with most RC's anyways. It's a tough fun truck. From most of your novice to pro's on here own one. ;)
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Metalhead Matt

Northeast Iowa
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Check out my post in the trade/buy forum. I'm not trying to advertise by any means, but I'm trying to give this thing away! I feel for ya, man!


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it seems people think I'm a beginner, but I've been in the hobby for a few years, the reason I'm asking is i snapped my 1/10 electric in half today so I'm using that as an opertunity to upgrade. btw thanks for the feed back


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south jordan
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got the slash for christmas. its a durable truck, pretty fast, and good looking. i hit my little brother full speed with it and it knocked him over lmao but i broke the loop inside the bumper haha o well it was worth it :)

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