Should I buy a fan for ESC?

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I'm putting a RX8 gen 2 and Pro4 HD 4300kv set up in a SCTE, should I purchase the fan?
I did purchase the fan when I used the RX8 on my 1/8 buggy, but the SC lids are more open and I figured I'd have more air flow than I do with a buggy.


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The fans go wild.
I'm still checking my backup hard drives for the pics of my heli.

Ah, got it. It's the 500 size and the added weight of the body and gearing changes made it necessary to cool it. I cut out a window and replaced it with a piece of metal speaker grill and the fan got all the added air it needed.

Here's what's inside with the canopy off:

Apache electronics.jpg


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When I got my Traxxas UDR it would only run about 7 minutes before the PSC would overheat and shut down. I added a 40 mm fan inside between the drivers to blow air down on top of the ESC and now it will run tell the battery is dead 20200112_203221.jpg


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the cooler that ESC is the longer it will last. I replaced the mounting plate for the ESC that was plastic with an aluminum one I made and cut myself the aluminum transfers more heat and dissipates it better then the plastic does. I used a little spacers between the screw and body that gives air flow under the aluminum plate and you will find your ESC runs much cooler

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