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Gone - bye bye.
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I am thinking maybe we should keep real quite about this site to keep those people at other boards from migrating here and bringing their stupidity with them
Ok in theory it seemed like a good Idea. X
lol, hopefully they'll all stay at traxxas:p
We need more members, so that Traxxas will have some healthy competition. But yeah, we dont want the stupid people.
well guys it was here before you subscribed,with me already being on here;)
More members is a good thing, more views, more experience, more guys to bash with. But your right a large portion of the stuff on the Traxxas forum is dribble, nonsense. There is a high immaturity level over there. People who dont even have an r/c car except for a RS, friends sisters boyfriends cousin had one so I think you should do this......:wtf:..... and heres a classic,.... someone give me a free T-Maxx or Emaxx............:wtf: Personally I would like to see more members but not those members.

P.S. also remember that new OS aint going no place until we get 200 quality members so tell your friends, but only if they actually have an r/c car or truck
Well I used the Traxxas boards first and I gained a lot of information there. I still pop in there from time to time but I was looking for something with a little better level of quality conversation and a bit more mature audiance to deal with..

oh and NCNitro I am no hurry to get me new Os engine so its cool as long as they people join I can wait. X
Your new engine huh:p Not if I can help it :D My RS4 3 would love that OS! But yeah lets get some more good quality people here! I first used the Traxxas board too but it is sooooo repetitive, I think they should make the SEARCH button three times bigger then the post a new thread button. Right now all they want to do is argue about the new maxx, I could care less.
Guys, guys, guys. All this bickering about who's getting the OS. Don't worry. If you're ever in New York, I'll let you come over and look at it!!! LOL. But you can't touch it!!!!! j/k
i have a .15 cvrx not even taken out of the bag yet as a spare,so when i win i shall donate it to someone worthy;)
nice try there,i was reading it and did not realise it was me you were on about.DOH!!
nice move there,it is the second time i`ve been caught like that:banana:
you sure did that...i`ll give you credit for that:)
Going back to the stupid people thing......If someone called "scrotor" joins up, ban him/her, who ever it is, is damn right enoying :confused: Go check them out at the Traxxas board.
would they use the same name on here anyway,i doubt it if they know peoples views on them.
well cut him a new one then,he will know who the daddy is then;)
emptied your box dude.
I can't figure out how, it only shows me three messages but the main board shows 18, I pmed Christian but have not heard anything yet, try again if you want.
no it is full,have you gone back to the beginning date wise,and done inbox and sent messages too?