Sold / Found SCX24 OEM Parts - Front Axles, AE-6 ESC and Transmitter, Shocks, Etc.

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Looking for spare SCX24 front axles to build a 6x6, but wouldn't mind getting a couple rear axles as well. I also need a few stock shocks. I would also like to grab a couple stock ESC's and transmitters for other projects. Would consider rollers, spare chassis, etc. Basically, if you have stock SCX24 stuff, I'm interested. Send me a PM if you have any of this stuff.

Thanks for looking.
I have a set of stock shocks somewhere; I just don't remember where. I see if I can find them.
I looked man, somewhere I have a parts tray that has them in there. If I run across them, I'll get them sent out to you.
Cool man. Let me know how much you need for them.
They are ridiculously expensive man, but to you they are free lol. I look some more.
@WickedFog Headed out the door to run errands, when I get back I will take a look at what I have, I know I can set you up with some of it, let me know what all you still need. :)
I am looking for two more radio systems with the AE-6 ESC, and axles. I have a couple custom builds I want to do, and I am trying to do one with mostly stock components, so anything could be used really. And my shelf has space for two more stock radio'd trucks 😉
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