Returning to RC; new to nitro; found this on CL

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Greetings all. First post here. A short history of myself. 15 years ago I was deep into r/c. Ran only electric. My latest truck being a 2wd Traxxas Stampede with a 2200MAH battery. Haven't been around since. I still have all my cars/trucks sitting on the shelves. Everything is outdated. Batteries I can't see being any good. Looks like LiPo batteries run the market. I'm sure it would cost a chunk of change to get back into electric r/c.

So following up I stumbled across an HPI Savage X 4.6 on Craigslist:

I am selling my HPI Savage X K4.6. This truck is bran new! Built with almost entirely new parts. Re-used a muffler and the chassis plates from another rig. Has Aluminum rear hub carriers, upgraded turnbuckles, bran new bulletproof diffs. Truck has ZERO run time on it. Almost ready to run. It needs about $50 worth of little stuff to get it up and running. (Motor is broke in from running on another vehicle). I have a video of it running, and it is in excellent shape.

What the truck needs:

Slipper clutch assembly (about $15)
Driveline cups for driveshafts ( about $15) It has old ones with it but they are starting to bind a little.
Some miscellaneous screws (Can't be more than $10)

That is literally all it Needs to run. It has a 13t crank gear, but savages typically run a 17t this is optional, but will make the truck faster.

I will accept reasonable offers.
No delivery
No trades
Let's not play 50 questions and then have the buyer vaporize into Craigslist window shopping land.

Pictures speak for themselves, truck is in NEW condition.

I am including:

Ton of spare parts, all my extra nitro stuff. Glow plug ignitor, some fuel, controller. Everything you will need to run this after your $50 investment.


He tells me the motor was in a Hellfire (?) and sent me a video of it running. Needs some screws for the front bumper. "diff cups were from a savage 25 and showed wear". Needs a slipper clutch. Engine was broken in on his Hellfire. Has aluminum rear caster blocks and upgraded 29/9 diffs. "they are the bullet proof ones" (?). Running 17mm hubs and aftermarket turnbuckles. Throttle servo isn't hooked up. He can bump it over to show good compression.

He's gotten into electric crawling and this is his last nitro truck. He has a small amount of fuel, a glow plug igniter, and a roto start he'll throw in along with a failsafe for if the truck goes out of range.

Some of this stuff wasn't around when I was in r/c. I'm familiar with nitro, but have never owned one. So looking this over are there any red flags? The past few years I've dumped tens of thousands into a full size rock crawler where spending $1000 after a weekend is normal, so $100 here and there really isn't that big of a deal to me. I also have a big sandpit .5 miles from my house so there are places I could use this.

Sorry for the long post. Thanks all.


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Hey welcome to the forum!
It sounds like a good deal,if the price is right,also the engine is already broken in.
it looks clean,an any upgrades is a bonus.


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How much is he wanting for it? Sounds like a good deal already. The new diffs are a must have on all Savage's! If you end up getting it, I'd recommend grabbing some FLM Extended TVP's. I love them on mine, makes it much harder to flip over. pair that with extended A arms, and you're golden! There's also a Brushless conversion kit if you decide to go E-power again.


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Hey, thanks for getting back to me.

I missed out on this. I put an offer on 17 acres about four months ago. Never heard from the guy. He called about a week ago and we're doing the paperwork now. Totally put this deal aside. I wasn't planning on getting back into r/c, but I just happened to stumble across this deal. Now that I have the land, I doubt I'll have the time to do the r/c thing at least for awhile.

Sorry for the bother. Thanks for the replies. =]


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Now that you have enough land to build a HUGE track, buying this thing is a MUST!


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yea yea yea. I've got an L series Kubota with attachments, fencing, lumber, and livestock coming down the pipe. Square up the place and then go from there. Wife and I are going to be very busy (and broke, hehe) people for some time. haha

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