Redcat TR-MT10e won't turn and makes grinding noise

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hey guys/girls I own the Redcat TR-MT10e, went for a really good bash on the weekend, out of all it did really well nothing broke, but a grinding noise was coming from the servo area I'm guessing underneath or it could be the links/aervo arms nothing is broken just making that noise and when I had full lock steering right, thats when it made that noise.

NOW and I just try and found out more what the issue is,it wont even turn right.(makes that grinding noise). any ideas?? cheers


RCNT Basher
It sounds like a gear in the servo is stripped. You can open it up and check the gears. I'm pretty sure that the TR-MT10E comes with a Savox servo so you should be able to find a replacement servo gear set. You can also just replace the servo with this one, which is really good and inexpensive - Hexfly 25KG high torque waterproof digital servo


RC Newbie
ok,yes it dose sounds like a gear noise slipping or stripped kinda noise ill open up the top of the savox servo tomorrow,i did undo underneath,the arm and screw looked and felt tight enough,question is on the tr-mt10e how do you un do the link arms underneath (pic shown)would have to be the worse part to get to lol ? all the other redcat rcs seem easy to get to.i was actully looking at upgrading to the 25kg servo before this happened. thankyou for helping me out



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On the bottom of the chassis, it should have a small access cover that you take off to get to the servo horn screw. Then remove the screw that holds the servo horn, take off the servo horn and remove the four servo mounting screws from the inside of the chassis to take the servo out.


RCNT Basher
Ok thanks so I undo the four little silver screws on top on the servo as well ? (Shown above)
I would do that after you remove the servo and only if you want to check the servo gears. It's best not to open up the servo unless absolutely necessary since you will have to deal with small pins and plastic gears that all interchange with each other.


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Kern county ,Calif.
Yep I found my problem o_O Stripped gear now I know. Thankyou buddy,that was the only real thing I could think of with the grinding noise ;)
The truck has a servo saver ,it may have been too tight to protect the servo ,it would be that silver nut that is
on the steering rack mounted on the chassy!


Hardcore RCNT User
Kern county ,Calif.
ok so you think maybe loosen it ? it was as stock I havnt touched
the silver spring or servo saver
The RC's are mass produced ,no way would I trust them for exact tuning or lubing anything!

On my A.E. MMGT. ,the factory forgot to screw the second gear down to the hub ,an my 5th scale Baja didnt even
have no grease in the trans spool!

So chances are ,the spring load wasn't adjusted right on the servo saver!...:cool:

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