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has anyone ordered from this site before? if so how long did it normally take for your order to come in? When i ordered some stuff monday i didnt get a tracking number so i was just wanting a estimated time on when it will get here


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It's the holidays. I ordered something on Wednesday, and I've printed out the receipt, but I still haven't received a confirmation Email. I probably won't have it till Monday.


RCNT Talkaholic
Kirbyville, TX
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oh dang that sucks. i got my rc wed and i dont want to run it till i get the package. i guess i will have to wait longer lol.......ok this dont have to do with this thread but does it hurt to run your rc outa gas? if it does how else do you drain it out


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Generally, no, as long as your not running WOT when it runs out. I normally let mine idle dry when I'm finished for the day. I run it a few quick passes to keep the engine cleared out, then just as the tank empties, I let it idle.

I've ordered from Boca a few times and always got my stuff. It's been a long time though, so I don't really remember.

You may want to check out fast eddies bearings. Might as well support the site.


That's where I buy my bearings now if I need them. I tried boca green sealed, but they weren't any better than really any stock bearing (Losi, HPI, traxxas...). Then I tried avid. They are ok, but fast eddies seem to last longer.
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I'm not sure about hurting your engine if you run it out, but to drain it out, you get a Bottle, usually at your LHS, and it sucks it out.


RCNT Talkaholic
Kirbyville, TX
RC Driving Style
ok yea I'm sure i will get the stuff i was just curious on how long it would take. thanks for the help

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