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Here's a very slick little machine I just got a few days ago. I was so impressed with it that I thought I'd do a review.
It's made by Robart and is available in AC power or battery power with 4 D cells. Originally I was going to get the AC version but then I'd have to pull other plugs any time I needed it. The battery version is readily portable anywhere you're working without an AC cord in the way. The AC version has an internal transformer so both operate on 6V DC.


These are the 4 basic sizes of model paints and it will comfortably handle them all.

The cradle is V shaped, the bottles lay in there sideways and are held in place by a stretch band. Extra bands are available.

Here's a jar of copper that hasn't been used in a couple of years. The color and metallics have settled to the bottom and on top are the solvents, completely separated in the jar.

Here it is in the cradle and you can see how heavy the mix is since the color barely slumps.

Here it is just after being started with the push of the button.

Here it is, TOTALLY mixed after just 30 seconds. You can see the line about 1/3rd from the top, where it's just paint on the glass and all the paint is mixed evenly in the lower 2/3ds of the jar. Effortless for anyone who stores paints and wrecks their wrist trying to shake it by hand.

It's also got foam rubber feet to keep it from walking around while it's shaking.
None of the paints I tried it on took more than one minute. Latex based, acrylic, enamels, lacquers, it did them ALL effortlessly. When you shake by hand you can't break up the solids and when you stir it you waste the paint that sticks to the stick. You'll shake it some more and now you'll still have lumps in the paint that will clog your airbrush. This just shakes it so vigorously that you get the smooth creamy paint you need, no lumps, no clogs.
I'm giving this thing 5 stars!
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Nice, looks like I definitely need to get one of these. Got a link to where ya got it?


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Looks nice- I've always used a detail sander and elastic banded the paint to it, but I'm sure this is more effective. Looks like a great buy :)

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