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Ok I am in the market for a Nitro Stadium Truck being a Traxxas Fan I unfotuantly realise that a Ruslter will never be compedative because of lack of support for racing hop-ups.
So the question is what is the best truck TL or AE heck neither let me have your opion if you actually own one. Please no my brothers friends buddy stuff. Real owners with real trucks. Thanks X


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X- I own an AE RC10GT. I like it. I have'nt seen a XXX-NT in person so I can't make a comparison. Looking over the history, they both have had their shares of professional successes. They are both heavily supported by the aftermarket. There are scads of options available for both. I guess my opinion is that they are both equally good. It really depends on who's driving. My advice? Go down to your LHS and track and see which is more popular. See which one has the parts readily available locally. You'll need access to this stuff. And that is important when making the decision.

Remember, either way, you win.


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These two types of trucks are the main stays at my local tracks TL and AE that is. There is plenty of parts support for both here also. I am more concerened with which truck people have had best luck with as far as pwerformance and durability. OF course TL looks good because of its packagine and pretty bodies that and driver edition trucks but AE has some nice kit types to chose from.
Its kind of sad because the only things that get run in this area and have any parts support are
TL and AE stadium trucks
TL and AE Buggies
MAXX Trucks
Traxas parts for Pede and Rustler bashing
Their is virtually no OFNA, Tamiya, HPI or any other manufactures supported around here.
Oh the Road cars are XXXS and T3 only X
:banana: :banana:


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My recommendation

I would recommend a Duratrax Maximum St Pro because it's fast, has a two speed transmission, durable, has a 90 day warranty and it looks good with all the aluminum hehe:classic: Anybody out there with a Losi or RC10 want to race?:devious:


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Hehehe Ill Race Ya with my Losi XXNT!

I like the Adam Drake Edition XXX-NT. I just finalized my Diff setup today with an HG diff nut and I am happy. VERY HAPPY with this truck. It is a pure screamer! I can't even roll it on the pavement no matter how hard I try. Then again, if I just tightened the suspension I guess I could.

I'm also looking into getting the RC10 GT. This is just a 'must have' vehicle as well.

XXXNT Sport RTR is a nice setup for entry level. Otherwise I would go with the Drake.


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I can't even roll my Maximum Mt Pro on pavement and it's a monster truck, with huge tires, it all depends on how you tune your suspension, and what tires you are using but I wish we could race it would be real interesting, I also looked into the Triple X-NT, it's very nice. The Maximum St Pros' durability got me and a few other things:banana: I know the Triple X-NTs' top speed is 38mph the St Pros' is around 40+ mph because of the 2 speed transmission but speed is not everything, too bad I can't drive good, well not yet.:classic: Talk to you later!


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Personally I like the GT. I have a GT that started as a RTR but now is a FT after all the upgrades. This truck handles very good and is pretty quick off the line. My brother has a XXX-NT and every time we race he wishes he had gone with AE. We are practically dead even as far as skill is concerned, and I usually edge him at the line. Both are good trucks, but he spends alot more time replacing broken parts than I do. As for a beginners truck, I would pick the GT over the Losi. Mainly b/c of the engines. The Mach .15 in the Losi is better used as a paper-weight.

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