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RC Driving Style
***Please PM me as i dont really monitor the comments section of this post.***

I have a Tekin T8 1550kv truggy motor thats only had about 5 packs through it. Its looks practically brand new except for soem small dings in the can that were only caused by the electric conversion kit motor mount that it was inside of. Thats why the marks are in a rectangular pattern and not just random dings.

I have 3 pairs of Gens Ace 4800mah 2s saddle pack lipos. I've had these for a couple years but theyve never been used other than cycled once or twice a year and set at a storage charge. Theyve been stored in my spare fridge in the garage. For whatever reason one of the packs has developed a slight bulge but when charged the IR of the pack is slightly higher but still very close to the other packs. I'm not sure what to make of that as I've only seen that happen like twice and the first pack i had that ever happened to i used without any problems for a long time. P.S. thats liquid tape around the ends of the deans if anyone is wondering.
$60 for the lot of 3

Getting rid of all my shock/diff/bearing oils as a lot. Also throwing in a heavily used Losi shock oil and a half used Losi blue thread lock bottle. The large majority of the other bottles have never been used and the few that have been used are still mostly full. like 85% full or more. Also including my 3/4 full bottle of SIN bearing oil from acer racing along with a blunt tip needle applicator bottle.
$40 for the lot

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