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I just bought 2 used TMAXX's ;) So I can join the TMAXX club

Ok, link isn't working. will post pics ASAP!

Here we Go!








I'm Soo excited!:third_place:
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Very nice, me and my son both have maxxes, and we love them. Welcome to the money pit, um I mean, T-Maxx club. :hehe:


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Oooooo... one has the old sirio 18 in it! Probably next to impossible to find parts for it these days, but it was the engine to have when the 2.5 maxx first came out. Too bad it didn't come with the sirio big bore pipe too! :(

I'm sure you could get it pinched if need by by www.rayaracing.com if compression is gone.

I'd ditch that exhaust on the 15pro maxx. One hard rear landing and it's toast.

Seeing all these maxx's lately makes me kind of miss my old maxx...
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