Do I solder these together?

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RCNT Racer
I have a new motor and esc, all my other parts of these have been plug ins. Do I solder these two together
you’ll bollox it up.
What ever size bullet the motor connectors are usually 3.5mm or 4mm
You want Female Bullet connectors .
a vice (preferably) and a decent soldering iron
And plenty of patience.
crimping is not reliable by its own, you want to cut back some of the female bullet from the narrower end .
place your heat shrink over the ESC wire first , Heat the female bullet to put solder inside where the wire goes, put the wire in & solder it, Assuming that held bring the heat shrink over the bullet to cover the wire you just soldered , heat it with a lighter it will wrap it self around the wire and bullet and you’ve done one 🥳🥳
Repeat two more times .

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