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Howdy howdy! I work as an RC Technician and often get neat cars in for repairs.

Today was a little bit different. A Losi Micro SCT ended up on my table, guy wanted it somewhat running again. The ESC/RX combo was pretty fried, so I spent the next half hour or so brainstorming with this guy. Before long, we had compiled a mass of parts that we honestly weren't sure would end up working out.

I present to you: Project Chimera​


We were going to keep the stock Losi 8750kv Xcelorin motor and replace the rest of the electronics. A Castle Mamba Micro X, Hitec HS55, SLT3 w/ SR315, and a 450mah 3S from Eflite were what we were going to throw into this Altoid tin of a chassis. The battery tray needed to be modified, so I took a Dremel tool and chopped the top off of the tray allowing the larger battery to fit.


Next was the servo. Originally we planned on using the same servo saver horn, but the stock servo is using a hex drive spline instead of your traditional toothed spline. Ended up fishing a Hitec HS55 servo from our discount bin as we had nothing else on the shelf. I cut a horn down to size, used a body reamer to drill a 2mm hole and threaded a 2x10mm screw through as a makeshift steering rod. Also needed to slice the ears off to get it tucked in the chassis.


Next was the ESC! The Micro footprint was nearly identical to the ESC/RX combo I pulled. I could not fit the original protective case back on when installing the Micro, so some more Dremel work was required to chop off the front portion to keep the servo tucked down in the chassis. Some double-sided tape was all I needed to get it mounted.


Nearly done, just needed some solder work done. I added 3mm bullets to the ESC and Motor leads, soldered a JST battery lead, and we were up and running!