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Man, I wish they had a track like that where I am. Also an indoor carpet track would be freakin' sweet too.


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Just wanted to let everyone know that we will have our outdoor track up and going for the 08' season very soon. As some may know we have been around the rc racing scene in Central KY for almost 10yrs. We are located in Eastland Shopping Plaza off Winchester Road. The track is located in Richmond KY. It is on the same property as the 1:1 Dirt Oval track.

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There is no club or anything like that, just a bunch of guys and gals that race thru-out the summer. We have lights, electricity, water and bathrooms on site. We use AMB transponder system and have HOUSE transponders for loan on race day. If you have any questions post up or give us a call at the shop, or if you are in the area stop in and see us. 859-253-9330

Here is a link to the COYOTE message board.
Are y'all still racing some one told me that y'all closed

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