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so as i continue to buy parts for the revo 3.3 i picked up, and continue to have a growing pile of stock parts acumulating on my work bench i was thinking..

if i were to pick up one of the revo chassis off ebay, and put it together with my stock parts, what would it take other than what i already have laying around, to build a cheap e-revo?

i ask because i am having trouble finding anyone local to use the thing with, so having another would let me take friends out etc. and also because i would be able to use it when the nitro was acting up or not practical due to space/noise restrictions?

thanks in advance for any help


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maybe i should reword it.....

once my rpm arms come, ill have full front and rear suspension minus shocks... ill have spare servos ......and i was looking at the chassis's on ebay and a couple come with the stock skidplates, etc.

what do i need that i can't take from a 3.3, and what do i need to mount the electric parts to the nitro chassis


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you can probably get the stock e-revo chassis and electronic mounts and build from there you will prolly need diffs and a tranny and bulkheads.

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