bladder shock issues read on!

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:first_place:tired of leaking bladder shocks or constantly trying to bleed them properly or setting them for no rebound and it just wont work, that's where I was after dozens of attempts to bleed my plastic stock wraith shocks I was fed up with them.
So I removed all oil and cleaned them up real good I built them the same way you normally would, green slime on the bottom O-rings, three hole pistons this is what I did different, I sealed the holes in the piston so it was a solid piston then the air has to go around the edges of it, lubed the bottom and top of the piston with grease and assembled. no leaks. good dampening, no rebound, and no messy oil, and very easy to adjust dampening.
I have found dampening resistance depends on O-rings used and type and amount of grease. {If your confident that your O-rings wont leak a few drops of silicon oil works great to just enough so every time you fully extend the shock it dips in it and covers the pistons lubed with every flex,{but might be harder to adjust dampening.} I basically turned my shocks into air shocks

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Good stuff to know.

What shocks are you referencing out of curiousity? Just so I know to stay away from them. ;-) The only ones I have problems setting rebound are the 801XT truggy (TLR bladders help it though).

I agree about Green Slime--it's good stuff! I use it on my diff o-rings and gaskets.


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What application is this for crawling, rock bouncing, sand dunes?

I'm in the process of checking out/testing the proline power strokes rear slash shocks, and proline power stroke scale shocks, but the place where I got my Bomb Proof transmission parts offers kyosho velvet shocks that I think I must have a set....for a dual proposes.

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