Accidentally Stripped (2) Screws Inside Crankshaft

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My name is Kevin and I am new to Nitro RC 1/8 Scale Buggy racing. I have a Mugen-Seiki MBX8-R with an OS Samurai R03 Engine (see Photo 1)

Last night I was replacing the clutch bearings and was in the process of reassembling. I accidentally used Loctite (forgot not supposed to on this screw) and overtightened the screw.

  • (see Photo 2) - The first screw broke off, but there was still about 3-4mm of space.
  • (see Photo 3) - I tried to put another screw in and that one broke off too
Photos are attached to this thread.

What should I do? Should I get a new crankshaft online and try to replace the crankshaft?

Thank you for your time,



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Can you use a ezout drill like the micro grabbit
What helps me with locktite is to heat the screw with a soldering iron. Onviously your beyond that point, but for future refrences.
still use heat it will make removal easier..
Worst case. Weld..... tack it straight in the middle.. make sure that you have a decent amount of weld wire first. And tack it. Cut it and unscrew. I have used this method on my pps mount. Kevin talbot has used it too he has a video on it.