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  1. Ol school Cen Mg16

    Ol school Cen Mg16

    Traded a nib losi 22s for this. Needed wheels, I added the wheelie bar & cleaned her up nice, big win the losi was $149 on sale
  2. NitroBlood_92

    Thoughts on my first 1/8th Scale monster truck??

    Wadup guys, call me NTB for short. New to the forum just introducing myself and my current RC project to the scene. I got my engineering degree from SIUC so building and fabricating are no strangers to me. A couple months ago I did the impossible and tried to make a monster from one of the...
  3. Rooky78

    Pulling my hair out! AGAIN!!

    Ok... I'm fed up. And I need some advice. I have this CEN Matrix truggy thing, I've broken it again. I think this time it's going to the scrap pile. I'm so sick of not being able to find and/or get parts. So... I have a Castle 2200Kv plant, a Mamba Monster, and a killer Savox servo. Somebody...
  4. T

    Is a cen magnum nx truck any good? How's the engine?

    Wondering if the engine was worth using on a jato or something else, got the truck on a trade it's complete, only thing wrong with it is a stripped spur gear (both of them)