1973 Ford Bronco Axial Wraith body from Proline

Proline 1973 Ford Bronco body for Wraith

Check out the newest Axial Wraith body from Proline Racing, a 1973 Ford Bronco! The Ford Bronco is known for its off-road capabilities and unique looks and now you can match that styling on your Axial Wraith.

Complete with detailed grill, headlights, body molding trim, and that overall distinct 73 Ford Bronco look, all you classic truck enthusiasts will not want to be left behind. The body features separate molded doors giving you the option to run your Bronco with doors or without. Just like on a full-size crawler, the no door option exposes the frame! This is a truly customizable body that will please any Wraith owner.

Proline, Axial Wraith 1973 Ford Bronco

Part #: 3373-00
MSRP: $43.95