Dirtfighter Comp Air Intake

For those of you that have tried RCNT's own cold air intake system, but are looking for something more “pretty” even though I strongly disagree with their choice of air filter (K&N) then Dirtfighters's new Competition Air Intake might just be for you!

Dirtfighter Competition Air Intake

The Dirtfighter Competition Air Intake System is a true performance bolt-on designed to increase HORSEPOWER and ACCELERATION by replacing restrictive OEM air filters…

Kits now available include:

  • Traxxasâ„¢ T-Maxx .15; T-Maxx/Sport 2.5
  • HPIâ„¢ Savage .25SS; Savage .21BB

Kits on the way:

  • Team Associatedâ„¢ Monster GT
  • Team Losiâ„¢ LXT
  • GS Storm Unlimited Truck
  • XTMâ„¢ Mammoth
  • And many others including 1/10 scale on/off-road and 1/8 scale on/off-road