Axial Ripsaw 2.2 Tires

Axial Ripsaw tires mounted

Axial's new Ripsaw 2.2 tires offer both realistic looks while also offering greater performance with it's aggressive thread design, ground clearance and a new R35 sticky compound.

R/C crawlers will clearly benefit with larger ground clearance of the Axial Ripsaw 2.2 tires which measures 5.5″ tall. This gives the lowest point on the 4×4 axle housing more clearance thus giving you many more tactical driving options in those sticky predicaments. To keep the tires stick to the ground Axial offers the Ripsaw in a R35 sticky rubber compound noted with a “white dot” on the outside carcass of the tire. While the molded ribbing between the lugs help keep mud and snow from packing into the Axial Ripsaw tire tread.

Axial Ripsaw tire

Part #: AX12015
MSRP: $35.00

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