Associated ESS-One Engine Sound System and light kit

ESS-One Engine Sound System in SC10 29260

The new Team Associated ESS-One engine sound system and light kit will take your scale realism to a new level. The ESS-One engine sound system allows you to pick from a number of throaty race engine sounds as well as shifting, brakes, and turbo blowoff valve sounds. USB programmable allows you to each change your desired sounds. Great for short course truck, drift, or rally car, the ESS-One has the sound you're looking for!

ESS-One Engine Sound System 29260

XP LED RC Light Kit 29266

The Associated XP light kit will brighten up the darkness with realistic array of lights that feature headlights and fog lights, tail lights, reverse lights and even a police light bar.

police light bar 29265

associated led lights installed

cop car 29265

#29260 ESS-One Engine Sound System

  • Plug and Play Audio device
  • Universal fit
  • USB updatability
  • 25 different engine sounds to choose
  • 20+ auxiliary sounds to choose from, such as horns, sirens, and turbo
  • Speaker unit size: 3.9″L x 1.88″W x 1.35″H
  • Speaker unit weight: 90.2g (3.18oz.)

#29265 XP Police Light Bar, 1:10 scale

  • LED light bar in protective aluminum housing
  • Front facing red and blue LEDs
  • Rear facing yellow LEDs
  • Requires 9v battery

#29266 XP LED RC Light Kit (12 LEDs)

  • Plug and play design
  • Head lights, tail lights, fog lights, reverse lights, and blinkers
  • 5 different lighting modes
  • Everything included in the packaging