AJS Machine Off Road Trailer V2.0

AJS Machine off road trailer version 2 - loaded with wood

If you're looking for that next awesome scale item to add to your scale RC then you really need to take a look at the new AJS Machine off-road trailer v2.0! The AJS Machine off road trailer version 2.0 features light weight CNC cut out sidewalls. With the ability to add painted Lexan or wood panels to create a custom look. Light bucket tabs designed to mount Axial's light buckets, front spare tire mount, functioning tailgate, license plate decal included and each AJS Machine off road trailer v2 will even come with its own engraved serial number for the serious collector!

AJS Off Road Trailer v2 frame

Designed to use existing Axial stub axles, bearings, hex hubs, wheels, and tires for the perfect match to the Axial SCX10 Dingo, Honcho, and Unlimited Rubicon. Unique axle design provides a solid 3 inches of ground clearance under entire trailer resulting in less hang ups. Trailer box inside dimensions are 2.25″ x 4.” x 6.5″ providing plenty of room for stick packs, micro crawlers, or a load of wood. End of trailer tongue is drilled and tapped for a 4-40 threaded rod.

Trailer is designed to work with the AJS Machine Hitch AJS3001 but may work with other manufacturer hitches. Trailer tongue does not come with ball or ball cup/end but a few styles are offered in options section.

Requires the following Axial Parts:

  • Front Axles ax30366
  • 10x15x4mm Bearings axa1230
  • 5x11x4mm Bearings axa1221
  • M4 Locknuts axa1045
  • Hex pins set screws ax30427
  • Beadlock Wheels ax8088
  • Proline Flat Iron Tires 1147-14 or similar 1.9 size wheels and tires.
  • Lexan, paint, wood panels, and lights are not included.

AJS Trailer v2.0

Part #: AJS3005 – AJS Machine Off Road Trailer V2.0
MSRP: $169.99

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