Tamiya Agrios TXT-2 Monster Truck kit

Tamiya Agrios TXT-2 Monster Truck

Say hello to Tamiya's latest with 540 motored 4WD monster truck kit, the Tamiya Agrios TXT-2! The Tamiya Agrios TXT-2 kit allows you to build the truck from the ground up and install your own electronics and customize it as you see fit – such as including a second servo to the back of the truck to enable four wheel steering!

Tamiya Agrios TXT-2 Monster Truck chassis

The Agrios TXT-2 truck body sits on the new Tamiya TXT-2 chassis which is an evolution of the original TXT-1. The combined use of metal parts with tough plastic lends the Tamiya Agrios TXT-2 Monster Truck kit a genuine feeling of power and scale. The truck comes equipped with two 540-brushed motors and is capable of 4-wheel steering when a second servo is added to the rear axle.

Tamiya Agrios TXT-2 Monster Truck underside

Tamiya Agrios TXT-2 Features:

  • Scale: 1/10 scale
  • Construction type: assembly kit
  • Terrain use: multi-purpose
  • Drive-train: 4 wheel drive
  • Drive type: gearbox
  • Drive line: solid axle
  • Differential type: gear
  • Suspension: 4-link
  • Steering mechanism: direct servo
  • Shock damper: oil-filled damper
  • Shock damper material: plastic
  • Tire type: rubber
  • Tire tread: block-pattern
  • Body material: Polycarbonate
  • Chassis material: Black resin-covered aluminum shaft
  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC): not included
  • Motor: 540-brushless type
  • Bearings: shielded ball bearing
  • Adjustable camber: fixed
  • Adjustable toe angles: fixed
  • Adjustable ground clearance: fixed
  • Adjustable gear ratio: fixed
  • Adjustable wheelbase: fixed
  • Adjustable track width: fixed
  • Adjustable shock angle: fixed
  • Special feature 1: Black resin-covered aluminum shaft side-frames are fitted with black aluminum panels.
  • Special feature 2: Centrally-positioned gearbox with front and rear aluminum beams.
  • Special feature 3: Resin upper frame serves as R/C unit cover and battery holder.
  • Special feature 4: Two 540-motors included.
  • Special feature 5: Front and rear axle cases contain 3-bevel differential gears and have a 2-level transmission.
  • Special feature 6: 82mm width tires
  • Special feature 7: Length: 510mm, Width: 344mm Height: 282mm
  • Requires A: 7.2 battery & charger
  • Requires B: 2-channel radio gear
  • Requires C: electronic speed control
  • Requires D: polycarbonate paint

Tamiya Agrios TXT-2 Monster Truck driveshaft

Part #: 58549 – Tamiya Agrios TXT-2 Monster Truck kit
MSRP: $729.00