Serpent 950 Spur gear set

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Serpent 950 Spur gear set - #903223

Serpent has released a spur gear set designed for the Centax-II clutch found on the Serpent 950, Serpent 950-R, and Serpent 960. This handy but also very useful spur gear set of all 1/8th scale spur gears that act as a complete spares set but of course also gives you all the available gear ratio tuning options to set your Serpent car for any given track.

Serpent 950 spur gear set contains:

  • 1 x 44T
  • 1 x 45T
  • 1 x 46T
  • 1 x 47T
  • 1 x 48T
  • 1 x 49T
  • 1 x 50T

Part #: 903223 – Serpent 950 Spur gear set

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