Arrma Wing Mount from RPM

rpm wing mount 81642

Here's some news that's going to make a lot of Arrma and Team Durango owners very happy. RPM RC Products has just released a new wing mount – one of the most common parts that break on the Arrma and Durango RC's. The new Arrma wing mounts from RPM has been redesigned by removing the front mounted cross brace and then beefed up all the way around. All while still weighing nearly the same as the stock braces!

The RPM Wing Mount fits the Arrma Kraton, Talion, Typhon and Team Durango DEX8, DEX8T and DNX8 models.

Tech Notes: RPM Wing Mounts replace stock ARRMA #AR320194 and stock Durango #TD320274. RPM Wing Mounts contain support bars only and will require the use of the stock ARRMA / Durango wing, two stock cross braces and stock mounting hardware.

Part #: 81642
MSRP: $16.95

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