Revo aluminum performance parts from 3 Racing and RC Hub

RC Hub imports a complete line of aftermarket aluminum parts from 3 Racing for the Traxxas Revo; some that bring it, and others that bling it. For the suspension, there are lightweight and super strong rockers in 90 and 120mm sizes, a range of shock springs, threaded spring preload adjusters, milled spring retainers, plus front and rear shock mounts. Upgrades for the steering include the following aluminum parts; steering arm, steering arm mount, steering stop, and steering hubs. If that weren't enough, there's also a lot of drivetrain chassis parts like rugged aluminum diff housings, machined Delrin spur gears, hardened lightweight clutch bells, carbon disc brake, alloy wheel hubs, titanium hinge pins and pivot balls, aluminum bumpers, skid plates and more. There's plenty of eye candy and hardcore parts here to satisfy the most demanding Revo tuner junkie!

RC Hub