Proline Eight Shooter 2.2 bead lock wheels

Proline Eight Shooter 2.2 bead lock wheels

Proline Racing has just entered the r/c rock crawling wheel market with their newly designed Proline eight shooter 2.2 bead-lock wheels.

The new Proline Racing Eight Shooter bead lock wheels have truly been designed for rc rock crawling, at only 1.2″ wide these wheels allow the tire to more effectively do it's job by giving it extreme flexibility. Being that the new Proline eight shooter bead lock wheel is the popular 2.2″ size finding tires to fit will be a breeze, in fact Proline Racing offers 24 different tires alone.

The Eight Shooter bead-loc wheels also feature a 1.8″ inner diameter, thus allowing for weight to be added inside the wheel much easier. The smaller diameter also allows the weight to be placed closer to the axles making the weight transfer less noticeable during acceleration and braking all while keeping the weight low and close to the ground.

Made specifically for Axial Scorpion and HPI Wheely King or any other truck that uses the same hex size.

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