Oversized ECX Rear Axle Carrier from RPM

ecx rear axle carrier 73572

RPM has just released an oversized rear axle carrier for the ECX Boost, Ruckus, Boost, and Torment 2WD RC's. The new oversized ECX rear axle carrier has been designed to use 5x11mm bearings and while the 1mm may not sound like a big difference, it in fact nearly doubles the load and fatigue ratings over the stock 5x10mm bearings. This provides longer life and better performance.

The RPM rear axle carriers for the ECX RC's have been molded with RPM's famous nylon blend which makes the oversized carrier ultra durable and will certainly out perform the stock ECX carriers. RPM also provides a lifetime warranty against breakage and just as important… they are Made in the USA!

Part #: 73572 – Oversized Rear Axle Carriers for the ECX Boost, Circuit 2wd, Ruckus 2wd and Torment 2wd
MSRP: $10.95

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