Modified V2 Endbell Kits Now Shipping

Team Orion’s breakthrough TOP V2 Technology is now here and will begin shipping to distributors across America this week. The new Modified V2 Endbell Adaptation Kit is the perfect way to convert your ordinary modified motor into a high tech racing machine. Racers and drivers of all levels can experience less commutator wear, improved brush life and efficiency, which translates into more runs between rebuilds without sacrificing performance.

Available in five anodized colors and made from precision CNC aluminum, each endbell features angled V brush orientation, cylindrical bushes, intelligent anti-vibration spring system, circuit confirmation LED and a zero vibration bearing system. Complete with two pairs of brushes and four sets of springs, consumers have several tuning options, making it easy to optimize performance to their particular application.

Team Orion’s Modified V2 Endbell Adaptation Kit, whatever you think is best just got better

Team Orions modified endbell

Team Orion