LCG Conversion For MR-4TC SD

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Yokomo releases their new LCG Conversion for the MR-4TC SD.


Main Features:
• Lowered drivetrain (for lower CG)
• New graphite main chassis, upper deck, front and rear shock towers, battery plate
• Aluminum bulkheads (with removable upper piece for easy diff access)
• New aluminum motor mount
• Upper deck positioned lower (for lower CG)
• Front and rear upper camber links mounted on bulkhead
• New battery tray system
– compatible with GP3700 cells
– no filing of the battery slots required
– prevents batteries from shorting on the chassis
• New aluminum steering assembly
– aluminum bellcranks used
– positioned low for lower cg
• Aluminum servo mounts
• Heavy duty suspension arms
• New rear dog bones
SD-LCG LCG Conversion for the MR-4TC SD


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