HUDY Flywheel Puller

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HUDY fly wheel puller

The new HUDY Flywheel Puller will safely and easily remove the flywheel of nitro most R/C nitro engine. Without a proper tool such as the HUDY Flywheel Puller, it may be difficult to remove an engine flywheel without damaging the flywheel and/or marring the engine crankcase.

The HUDY CNC-machined flywheel puller body is made from hard-anodized aluminum additionally black-anodized with laser engraving. The HUDY Flywheel puller fits flywheels used in RC competition engines (.12, .21, .25). The central fine-pitch steel screw with handle makes flywheel removal easy without little effort.

  • CNC-machined flywheel puller
  • Fine-pitch steel screw with handle
  • Black-anodized aluminum
  • Hard-anodized surface for extraordinary lifespan
  • Laser engraving
  • Easy, safe, damage-free flywheel removal
  • Fits flywheels in competition engines (.12, .21, .25)
  • Highly recommended for all nitro racers

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