your choice of free hop up part.

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if you won a competition where you could have any hop up made for the T-Maxx FREE,what would your choice be.

UE supermaxx ext nitro chassis stage 4....please:banana:
i suppose an E-Maxx would be allowed for inginuity:cool:
banana: that banana rulz,
i would like a rpm version of the proline susp kit, with a free set of big bores :) :D :banana:
oh yeah sorry :rolleyes: would be nice anyway though

Dave so what you are saying is you wish to win the front and rear end off a newly customised T-Maxx:D OK i`ll accept that too
Excelent Thanx Very much M8, so when will u send it too me then ? :D :D :D j/k

Uuuummmmm, thats a good one, Big bores or Mip cvd's
would that include a .21,header and tuned pipe:D
Of course I wouldnt want the cheep kit!:D (unless it was free:banana: ) Dont want to be gready or anything;)
Aluminum Tranny case or aluminum differential cases.

I got about everything else! LOL!:D
A Fantom engine just incase mine goes south some day:)
Hardcore's .21 conversion kit would be my choice.
Well RGfarm that depends. Did you pick the red or the blue? That would make two seperate kits and you can each have one. ;) :)
I just had to put that dancing banana on here somewhere!
I'll take a .21 Fantom when they hit the streets...if they hit the streets.
OOOPPPPS you are right I didnt even think about that:D I will take the one thats left red blue Heck I dont care ;) Sorry matts:D