Whatcha drinkin?

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I get the feeling this post is “G” rated. lol.
You post is below g-rated. Disney movies with hidden items are g rated
My fav from McD's.

I don't drink coffee often, but every once in awhile I like it. So I thought I would try this...
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Not bad. It at least wakes me up 😝
Coffee puts me to sleep. Cadfine also amps me up. Had a guy try to shove me out of the way with a car. I was shocked when I discovered I was bleeding because the window left the fight on the first hit. 😱
While yall are dying of dehydration I'm having water and maple syrup.
😆 nah there’s water in beer 👍🏻

Plenty of water in that!
Guys, I've already put the beers in the fridge! 🤣 :thumbs-up:

small but effective in cooling. the only thing is that you can't keep it in the house because of the noise!😅