vintage cox gas powered race car

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I hope this is the right section.I am looking for a review or any info on this vehicle.I got the same one from a cousin as a kid.I never saw it run.I must have been about 8-9 yrs old or something and i'm 42 now.I had so much fun with it zooming it over ramps and crashing it.I noticed a few things i was always curious about.There's a black twist knob on the front of the engine that stick out of the body a bit.What is this for and what does it do.There's also a big twist knob with a spring on it that i have no clue on what it does.I am assuming that once running this thing just drives straight and has no remote.Anyway i kinda want it running or not.It just brings back some fond memories.
If anyone could clue me in on this thing i would appreciate it.
Here's a link from a eBay add.

I did just find this nice video.Still would like to hear peoples thoughts on this.
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Ahh yes,the old Cox .049 cars :) I had one like that one but I sold it on eBay a few years ago. I do still have 2 of the Cox Boogie vans and my brother has one and the Adam 12 police car.

This one,you simply set the front wheels to either straight,left or right. Then fuel it up,attach the battery for the glow plug and start it. The big knob on the back with the spring is the one you start it with. Then once it is running,you adjust the black knob on the carb to get the rpms up and then there is a slider gear under the back to to engage the drive. The spring is the drive gear. As the video shows,set it down and watch. No remote control to it.

On the vans and the police car,when engaging the drive it also turned a drive shaft that went toward the front which in turn drove a cam to steer them in a certain pattern. I remember a figure 8 cam and a zig-zag cam plus a couple I don't remember how they turned.

Fun stuff back in the day. We ran the crap out of our vans. Just used 10% nitro if I remember right.


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Wow this really brings back memory's for me. Back in the day my brother and I had a cox black 57 Chevy that our dad got us. We never had much luck getting to run, cause we were just kids but man that Chevy looked good sitting on a stand in our bedroom. it was one of those tether cars that you anchored with a string and it ran circles. I remember hours of pulling on the plastic t handle rip stick trying to get her fired up!

:) Thanks for posting this


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I had one of these buggies back in the day and mine has a pullstart. My buddy bought one too and we used to run them in the backyard in a circle. They were a blast!

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