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Wow its been a fat minuet since iv been here. I'm getting out of the hobby to instead pursue my real passion which is working on.modifying my real car. So a lot of my rc stuff has to go. So i guess ill post stuff here for anyone intrested.(ill put links numbered in a reply as i need to get them from my phone)

1. brushless swapped 2wd stampede. Also swapped in a newer better traxxas receiver. Works great. Comes with 2 bodies, 155 dollars excluding shipping(local pickup is ok to). Comes with everything needed to run except batteries. Its dusty I'm willing to use my air compressor, blow dust off and clean her a bit before shipping. The chevy body is on its last legs and brittle. The esc fan sometimes doesn't want to spin even when i tried cleaning it before its like its unbalanced or something. Just give it a couple taps and it springs to life. Its not geared proper its still running brushed motor gearing you might want to up the pinion a tooth if you wanna go faster.



2. Parts slash: Traxxas GTR shocks, 30 weight oil, VS racing springs, RPM front a arms, Robison racing metal spur gear and slipper clutch assembly. Aluminum rear wheel bearing carriers i beleive their called, LCG and HCG chassis, lots of other stuff you can use repairs. Did run before taken apart due to bad bearings. Ill be honest I DID NOT take any sort of good car of this slash this was back probably 6-7 years ago when i was still just a small kid when i first started after my father gifted me this and i didnt care. bid starts at 100 bucks. Other chassis and front and rear is from some other slash idk where tf they came from.


3. Arrma Vorteks one of my favorites: i swear on my life i clean her and its not usually this dirty but i ran her one more time First time in the last saturday in dusty dry dirt and didnt have time between work and school(just so you know the arrma vorteks sucks ass offroad might be the tires tho). Feel free to believe me or not. I'm asking 299 for her but am willing to negotiate if you feel its to much I understand tires will be needed. This ones tough as its defiantly one of my favorites second from my kysho outlaw(which I'm not selling my the way). Got the same 20kg metal servo i run in all my cars. Fixed the issues with the axles coming apart and it comes with aluminum hexes(you will need to install two of em) was gonna clean her for pics i couldnt use the air compressor as its to late at night and i also ran out of green cleaner lol I'm going to the store tomorrow and will go through and do my usual thorough cleaning before i give her two you. Comes with everything but batteries.

nvm can't roly heres link freaking catsonmykeyboardddddd!!!



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