Savage three speed bulletproof transmission Mod

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thanx Freakenjoey, did the mods in a half hour.also took all the side play outta the gears.hooking up Brushless soon and will let you know,,,,,,,,,,


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its all good! third shift in a half block adjusted good, might bring second up alitttle later.holding up,,,,,,


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Well turns out heres an easier fix now. HPI Octane gears are hardened steel and work as replacements. Hpi111167 and hpi111169. Pic courtesey of Llcoolskillet.



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Do they fit... yes but anyone who does go this route they may want to file or sand the area marked in red just a super tiny bit to make fitting the C clip back on with ease. I got it on but its a hair tight so a quick file and its perfect.

I'm still a fan of the original mod using the 2spd gears as they are wide, but this a direct replacement with virtually zero modification for those who do not have access to a dremel or such.



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I don't know how this thread was missed, but I'm gonna' set it as a sticky right now.
Thanks for some great information! :thumbs-up:


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Great write up well done , Three speed mod is a very good mod to do I did the sv250 tranny mod a couple years back and never had a problem sense


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Well turns out heres an easier fix now. HPI Octane gears are hardened steel and work as replacements. Hpi111167 and hpi111169. Pic courtesey of Llcoolskillet.

any recommendations on the replacement of the hot racing 44 tooth steel gear in replacement of the plastic gear? Looks like it's discontinued and can't find a replacement. Waiting for my ercm picco and engine from Robin in Canada so I can drop it in my savage x. Thank you


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Snakes I got you covered man if your still interested in a steel gear I did a lot of r&d on making a new steel gear and we have completed it and sold out the first production run the 2 no run will be finished by the end of the week

sorry should have said feel free to send me a message via here or Facebook or my email [email protected]
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