For Sale [NON RC] Perfect Condition Taxidermy Cleaned American Buffalo Skull w/20" Spread!

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Did not see anything in the rule book for bones lol so here we go!!

--- Authentic, Taxidermy Cleaned American Buffalo Skull ---

This skull was given to me years ago and had it hanging in my man cave for the entire time I have had it. This skull is in perfect condition with no breaks, neglect and has NEVER been dropped. This is one hell of a conversation piece for friends and family as well can be artistically decorated for a flashy piece of Americana Artwork. Unlike most skulls you see the bullet hole usually on the forhead somewhere, ugly and disturbing, this skull actually has a discrete bulet hole in the back of the head. The only reason I am selling this beauty is for recent loss of a job and financially strapped. This would look great in any man cave, for it looked great in mine!

**Asking price is $130 OBO + S&H, as well with S&H the price will need to be determined after its packaged for being that this is a real skull, we dont want anything getting busted up in transit. This will be boxed up with the same care as fragile antiques or collectables and MAY require a custom built pallet style box depending how she goes in and always a confirmation # and $200-$300 insurance just to make this sell that much more reassuring to you. Also with this, being the nature of this item, will be sold AS IS. **

---100% feedback rating on this forum as well other selling sites with 100% feedback!---
-Please, feel free to post any questions or concerns here, PM or email me directly! [email protected]
Thanks for [email protected]@king!





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What happened to this thing? I know someone that could use it for native ceremonial purposes. I'd've jumped all over it a while back, but I thought the guy that could use it was going to kick the that I think about it, he still might.