N301 List Race #1

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After many scheduling conflicts due to Mother's Day, concerts, work, we finally got a day that worked for "most" of us. Weather was just about perfect despite the forecast. Heavy rain for days leading up to it led to some sketch puddles and water seeping up through the blacktop, but early on it wasn't too bad, with a puddle off to the side of the start, and a small puddle in the center where the finish line was that was easily avoided.



We set up and did some testing and tuning. Personally, my cars were mostly ready, but found quickly that the rising temps were mucking with my tune. More on that later.


We then did our initial chip draw:


Five rounds later, and the list looked like this:

By the end of the day, one car had a blown motor, another a major crash. But in the end, it was a hell of a start to the list racing. We also have four new drivers coming in shortly, so it will expand significantly.

Back to the tuning. Some cars were doing pretty good out there with "decent" times and speeds. Most though, I was pretty disappointed with - though the room for improving was definitely in plain sight. Both of my Vipers were consistently mediocre but did not lose a race. The temps were rapidly rising through the day. It was actually pretty hot by around 2pm. Invader 2 seemed to launch really well, but then did nothing on the top end even when I hit the nitrous. Well, the new, larger nitrous can I had on was leaking badly, so that explained that issue. I ran without nitrous on another test, and it killed the plug. Then Hissed Off killed a plug. Then Invader 2 killed another plug. I was running out of plugs! They didn't look burned up, but looked like the coils were simply broken. Running too rich on these still tight OS Speed engines, is apparently a good way to create too much compression and break plugs. I got the tunes better but ran Invader 2 without nitrous the rest of way. Hissed Off got better too, and I kept using nitrous on that one. I was sharing the last plug with those cars.


After the list racing was done, I put one of my spare smaller nitrous cans on Invader 2, and started doing some passes to try and see what times I could get and racing some brushless cars. The little can just didn't have a ton of effect though, not like it does on the .12 in Hissed Off. Really needed the bigger one. I did get some good licks in, and then I really started tuning for max power and hitting the nitrous right out of the gate. Car really ripped, but mid track I was all over the place as the temps were dropping fast from a coming cold front and the sun going away. Getting some better data will have to wait.

Meanwhile, I'll fix my leaky nitrous can, and tear the engines down to make sure there's no bits of glow plug in there.
I don't know much about gas (nitro?) cars. I didn't know yall were using nitrous in drag cars. Pretty cool. Nice looking cars! Looks like a lot of fun.
I don't know much about gas (nitro?) cars. I didn't know yall were using nitrous in drag cars. Pretty cool. Nice looking cars! Looks like a lot of fun.

There aren't a ton of people using nitrous, but it's definitely very effective.
I'm surprised those tiny engines can handle it.
I'm surprised those tiny engines can handle it.

They can, in small doses. I have it set up using a switch on my radio, and I am putting in a small amount, at 100 PSI generally. The setup looks like this:

That's the big block .21 car using the large can. It's a one-hit shot of nitrous.

This one is my small block .12 car:

A video of this one (in far left, red Viper):

I hit the nitrous about five feet out or so, and the car just takes off. Haven't had any issues leaning out, etc.
That's awesome. Had no idea anyone was doing that. Thanks for sharing.