Long term traxxas slash 2wd review

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I thought I’d do a review on my traxxas slash 2wd after owning it for almost 8 years now here it is,
I personally love the slash the brushless system broke after 2 years and the reciver died after 6 years Driveshafts lasted 7 years Servo died after almost 8 years stock wheels and tires blew up after installing the Vxl3s because I accidentally full throttled it so they lasted about 4 years of mostly dirt abuse body cracked after about 7 months and was just destroyed after 4 years
I’ve learned a lot of things over the years about the traxxas slash that’s just a little list of things that broke here’s what I’ve done to my car and the outcomes.

I got the XHD (Extreme Heavy Duty) traxxas driveshafts there the best for bashing hold up well.

I used the wrong screw on the top of a shock and did a little wheelie and it broke from the pressure of the wrong screw so use the right top shock screws

Don’t let you shocks have no oil I will admit I did do this but don’t I found the best bashing shock oil wt was the traxxas 60wt shock oil

Don’t use nimh battery’s I did an experiment with nimh and lipo battery’s a slash 4x4 running the Vxl3s on 2s lipo and a 2wd slash on nimh battery’s 5 nimh battery’s lasted as long as 1 2s lipo the lipo used was traxxas lipo Same with nimh traxxas nimh so switch to lipo right away

Get 2 sets of different types of tires I had used the same dirt tires for 3 years give or take used them on pavement for 4 months bald so keep 2 sets of tires at least preferably street tires and off-road tires

For some reason the Vxl3s brakes slipper clutch shafts I used it on 2 chassis and broke both slipper clutch shafts so be careful and keep spares

Also carry spare wheel hexes with you I’ve striped them out before a lot of times

Don’t forget to gear your car find the perfect
gearing for your car which includes pinion and spur and if your really technical and know what sizes to change to make it how you want it you could do the transmission gears

Also when upgrading your motor and esc make I would make sure I can get a motor rebuild kit in case it was to brake it’s a lot cheaper than buying a new motor

I’ve replaced the,
Driveshafts, Body, Tires, Motor and Esc, Servo, Reciver, Slipper Clutch Shaft, Hexes, Shock Oil, Shock Caps, Rear Bumper Mount, Battery’s, Pinions and Spurs, Motor Rebuilt, and more stuff
Good review!! I have two 2wd stampedes and two bandits, all in some form of upgrading. What great RC’s! Thanks for tips!!

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