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Rocky Point, NY
Shame on me for not sharing that!! Lol she’s a Traxxas 4 Tec 2.0 and I could not be more pleased. Aftermarket options are basically endless and it runs so well. I’ll post pics of the upgrades as they come if you’d like.


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Cool and yeah I'll love to see more pictures. I've owned a nitro 4tec was one heck of a beast my nitro days are over with now I stick to electric.

I had a sakura drift car once but got rid of that also
You should get a light kit


RCNT Rookie
Military Veteran
Rocky Point, NY
Nice! Yeah that’s the plan, I have one more channel I can put something in on because I have a heat sink with 2 fans in the one. I’m getting a 6 channel in hopefully soon so who know what else I’ll throw in there. 🤓


RCNT Rookie
Military Veteran
Rocky Point, NY
Sorry for the delay but here are some pics of the rear axles, heat sink, cambered rear wheels, front caster blocks and steering blocks. More to come!!


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