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All I have to say is that you dudes all need to chill. Skymaxx, you are totally out of line in my opinion. That big huge ramble of stupidity baffles me..... Why do you care what other people do in this forum? It has nothing to do with you and shouldn't matter to you. Now you can attack me with some big huge speech of bad things about me if you want, but it really won't matter to me. I really think that we are all mature enough to quit the stupid fights over stupid things and remember why we got into this hobby in the first place. I know I got into it for the pure fun of building and racing my rc cars. I found out about this forum and started frequenting it because it is one of the better ones out there, and most of the people were honest and did not start stupid little fights like this. I come to this forum to help others and find help for myself on anything and all things rc related. And when people like you skymaxx think that they have to keep others in check, it totally drains all of the fun right out of it.
I have nothing against you Kyle, and nor do I desire to reopen this line of are welcome to disgree with me, and are free to voice your opinion as I was doing with regards to another member. If you care to discuss this further, mind what Woodie stated in the now locked thread and PM or e-mail me. Otherwise, I consider the issue dead.
I just hope that you take what I said to thought, because all were really trying to do here is have fun.
I think EVERYONE needs to knock off the bashing/flaming in the forum PERIOD! Email and PM's work for everyone. The way I feel is this:

If you dont have something nice to say in PUBLIC, Dont say it at all! There is a time and a place for everything.

This message is directed towards EVERYONE!

Keep in mind, if the content of the forums becomes that of a personal attack and biatch session, then that is what this board will be known for. I for one, did not take on the responsibilities of this site to be known for THAT!

So EVERYONE KNOCK THE CRAP OFF and get back to business! If you have something bad to say, share it in an email, PM or even turn to the mods for advice. DO NOT take it out in public.


Çh®i§tiªñ, can this be locked then, because one thing might lead to another, as it always does.
i think we all need some prosac!!!!!!!

ok i want the prosac

Indeed, this is a dead issue. Problem solved...parties involved have been delt with, nothing more to say, other then this thread is now LOCKED!


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