If it’s not ugly and beat up don’t run it!!

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So guess what I’m saying is I love Carnage and yes I’m sure we all have few that will kill us to run it to NICE. Well I’m in that that same boat. My name is TRAT for what I have built in past and it’s become a shelf queen full hand build all metal work ect. And I did beat the poop out of it and crashed it many times motor front engine cut down head it’s nasty and almost fired it up today. This rat is one that has been beat and messed with on different levels real dual header. Flat head V8 set up. But end of the day any dents or crashed situations it’s in or had been yup it stays that way. The TRAT is something that will scare any RC gas guys. Have to keep huge fan to keep it cool just saying. Ohhhhh trivia for ya what was it made out of??? Simplest things in life you wouldn’t have a clue. Ohh yea 2 speed it’s nasty sorry have to brag on the RAT 🐀 it’s ugly and it’s on my list on my builds the most stupid crazy fast build it’s 1/5, 1/8 1/10 scale build smile 😃 figure that out?? I did
And buy the way I might be selling some of my stuff. None is junk it’s all got goodies. Have to clean house soon. Need this rail to get done. This is going to be off the wall wait and see!!
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