HELP PRICING OUT A FEW CARS!! please help me.

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Ok i hope I dont sound like a idiot!! But i purchased a whole rc collection from a guy he was getting out of the hobby and i was looking to purchase a rc10t6.1 and he happened to have the truck in this lot. So I forked out a good amount of money and I'm hoping these on road cars are worth something not junk. So please i would appreciate if someone will shoot me straight!! I understand the electronics also play a big part in value i will Include a few pics. Thanks again guys!!

I have 2 corrallys f1 cars one is a roller the other is ready to run, have both bodys etc i have no clue are those cars worth anything? Looks to be carbon fiber chassis.have original boxes paperwork etc.

Xray t4 has novak esc etc ready to run need to remount servo, have all original boxes etc.

This last car is a tamiya m-05 s spec ready to run

I have included a few pictures


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It really depends a lot on where you live. Probably the best way is to look them up on Ebay. Click on the "Auction Only" and you will see how much people are bidding on them. The bid amounts are more accurate when there is less than 1 day left to bid. That's when more people start putting their bids in.


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better idea for eBay, use the search function at the top of the page, to the right there is another button that says " advanced search". click that, enter your car search info, then about 4 lines down click the "completed listings" button and complete your search. That will tell you what the cars sold for or if they sold. (This will only help if you know what they are)

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