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RCNT Talkaholic
Greetings RC Nitro Talk!

I bought this Fly More combo in October, had accident and never got to fly it so all the batteries have 1 charge and auto-discharge but have never been used nor has the bird ever been off the ground.

Basic fly more combo, comes with hard shell case, comes with 3x extra set of props and 1x low-noise props, controller, three batteries, hard shell case and some small accessories such as landing gear, gimbal sun shade and probably a few other things I will find and toss in.

I am in Western MA and would be more than happy to have you come and check it out, not much else to say other than the bird is brand new and I have about $1500 into it and I'm just looking to recoup what I can to pay the medical bills.

Pics (

$900 shipped/insured
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